Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A First Post for a New Endeavor

Which is really to say a post that serves also as a test post while I fiddle with details. Though, I do not at all consider the current format the final format. It is still very embryonic, just enough for me to start playing with the content. (Really. Look at that lame header.)

As opposed to my other blog, The Poetry Daily Critique, this blog is meant for something of play. It will permit me to write on topics that do not fit within the PDC, write posts that cannot bear any length, and permit me also to post just for the sake of sharing found things. (Secretly, it is also something of a site for exploration, and a venue to keep me off of Facebook, of which I am really becoming tired. Most of the time I posted to facebook the context was but excuse to play at writing; with this blog, hopefully, I will have a different outlet.)

Yes, some few of your may know that I used to have a second blog, "The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson Uploaded" was its wieldy name. I killed it for three, related reasons:

  1. It never had a solidly defined or capably energized purpose to begin with (outside of exploring blogger).
  2. When the PDC came into being, what small energies I had for Alfred was drained away
  3. I let it be contaminated with politics; which permanently marred it with a bad taste it could never escape.

(See how I worked a list into this so I have something to look at while I tweak the html?)

Now that the PDC has found its rhythms (which, albeit, are slightly different rhythms than those with which it started) I think have the juices to start a second blog. I would like a place to write about aspects of culture and the aesthetic that are not focused on poetry or poetry writing. (Which is not to say such will not appear here.) For example, the post on Twelve Years a Slave that appeared on PDC and which was a few days later removed. I had posted it in part to test to see if it fit within the expanding purview of the PDC. It did not. It came down. Though, it did show help to reveal those limits. It will reappear here at some point soon.

Finally, as is evidenced by the blogs title, I hope to use this as an extension of my personal site, Hatter's Cabinet of Curiosities, as a way to both generate and bring attention to content there.

Of course, being the first post, no one is actually reading this. But, I will pretend as I say, "Welcome."

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